Monday, March 9, 2009

Way to go Charleigh!

Charleigh not only broke her leg in October, but also any desire she had to use the potty. So here is a funny story and a glimpse of her personality! Last week she said she had to go so I took her in there, she sat there a while, and did nothing. However, for the effort I rewarded her with an M&M. Well the night passed along and I was downstairs playing with Grady when she started calling for me upstairs. I walked over and yelled asking what she needed...which is where she was saying potty and was standing there with no pants on. I grabbed Grady and ran upstairs to get her on the potty before we had an accident. However when we walked in the bathroom she started saying "Yay, Charleigh! PeePee in the potty! Yay, Charleigh!!" and clapping. After lots of inspecting and investing I came to the realization that my 2 year old is a major sneak. Somehow she had filled her potty with water without spilling anything on the floor or seat. She never ceases to amaze me! Where does she come up with these things? I am going to have to step up my game to keep up with her! It made me laugh and thought you might get a kick out of it too!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Roll over, Roll over....

Grady man is finally rolling over! It has been a long time coming and now he gets those chubby little legs over and there he goes! He is growing so fast...almost 6 months old! Yeah Grady man!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

What a year this has been! Here is a quick run down of what sticks out most of 2008!

Twleve West Main became Josh's 2nd job
Housing market collapsed leaving Josh with some free time :)
Expecting baby number 2

Sands, Grady Franklyn was born on August 11th
Alamance is still my home away from home
New York City to celebrate our 4th anniversary
Dog leash was to blame for Charleigh's broken leg
Sugar Mountain nights in the condo

Cancer took our friend Brian
Lots to be thankful for
A trip to Raleigh to watch Jon and Maggie get married
Nfl: Panthers had a winning season :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Few of Charleigh's Party Pics

Charleigh's 2nd Birthday

Last Sunday we celebrated Charleigh's birthday in eric carle style. I decided it would be cute to have a Very Hungry Caterpillar party and it turned out to be a huge success. The food for the bash was the caterpillars diet in the book. The tables were decorated in reds, blues, yellows, and greens with streamers and balloons. The kids got to play with all of Charleigh's riding toys, ball pits, and tents. And my favorite part of all was the cake. My mom and I made a caterpillar cake to resemble that of eric carle's. And if I do say so myself I think we did a pretty good job. I just love making the day big for my kiddies. I know they don't even know yet, and I know some people think I go overboard but it is one day to live it big for Charleigh, and now Grady. It was worth all the time making her cake when I saw her little face light up and say "2 Charchi" (which is what she calls herself) everytime she looked at the cake. It was worth all the planning and decorating to see her run around and have fun with her friends. I am attaching some pictures of the party! Charleigh girl, I hope you had a great birthday. As for myself, I have a few days to rest until I get started planning Grady's! What can I say...I love parties!!!

A visit with Dr. Tom

Today was Charleigh's 2 year visit and Grady's 4 month well baby visit. I am sure most kids are okay until the word SHOT comes into play, but not my two kiddos. I am positive that you heard the wailing where ever you were and I bet you thought some kid was being attacked by the boogie monster. Oh no...that is our normal behavior the minute the lady calls "Charlotte and Grady Sands."Charleigh didn't want to be weighed, measured, listened to, and most of all touched. Poor Gman doesn't have a chance watching the way his big sister acts. The bad thing about this is that Dr. Tom is Josh's college roommate and he wants nothing more than to love on Charleigh and play with her. Needless to say, we have never had a play date at Dr. Toms house. By the end of the visit, Charleigh was dressed and smiling, Grady was sleeping on the bottle, and Josh and I had made it thru our first visit with 2 of them. Most importantly, they are both healthy and growing just the way they should be!