Monday, October 13, 2008

Dixie Classic Fair

In the midst of the drizzling rain, we decided that it would be a good night to take Charleigh and Grady to the Dixie Classic Fair for WBFJ night. We got there and Charleigh had a great time! She fot to walk around and see the livestock and then she heard the music...coming from a carousel. Josh found out how much it would cost and Charleigh got her first ride at the DCF. She had so much fun riding round and round on the horsey with dada. After the ride, we went to see Mandisa and Matthew West and they were both amazing. And of course our trip wouldn't be complete without some yummy roasted corn! On the way to the car the 3 of us ate the corn, while Grady slept in the sling snug as a bug in a rug.

For Me?!?

Last week was my dreaded first day back to work. I had spent the whole night before crying over having to leave my babies and go to the crazy place called school. I have to admit, that the day wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be. The one perk of teaching is that you are too busy all day to think about how sad you are and how much you miss home. After a long day away from my kiddies we finally got back to our house and for once Josh was actually home before I was. When I walked in the house with Grady there was the most beautiful vase of flowers that I had ever seen. Earlier that week he had talked to Jon Herron and had ordered them for me to help make my day a little brighter. I couldn't believe that he got them for me! I whole heartedly believe I have one of the most caring and thoughtful husbands in the whole world. I love you Josh!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Charleigh...our interior decorator

Last week we finally finished her big girl bedroom. So we decided that it was time to make the move from the baby crib to the big girl bed. I thought it would be a good idea to start out with her nap time since she falls to sleep better then, than at night. During the first hour and a half she managed to pull everything out in her room, and finally crashed amongst all the stuff. I am certain that on Saturday night she played in her tent a lot longer than Josh and I were awake. And on Sunday when I went to get her up, she had decided to tatoo her arms with black marker scribbles...just lovely! I have to say that it is getting less messy everytime she goes to bed and the playing isnt lasting as long. However, I dont see her laying down, covering up, and falling asleep anytime soon. She has a great new room to go and explore...the fun has just begun for her!