Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Charleigh's 2nd Birthday

Last Sunday we celebrated Charleigh's birthday in eric carle style. I decided it would be cute to have a Very Hungry Caterpillar party and it turned out to be a huge success. The food for the bash was the caterpillars diet in the book. The tables were decorated in reds, blues, yellows, and greens with streamers and balloons. The kids got to play with all of Charleigh's riding toys, ball pits, and tents. And my favorite part of all was the cake. My mom and I made a caterpillar cake to resemble that of eric carle's. And if I do say so myself I think we did a pretty good job. I just love making the day big for my kiddies. I know they don't even know yet, and I know some people think I go overboard but it is one day to live it big for Charleigh, and now Grady. It was worth all the time making her cake when I saw her little face light up and say "2 Charchi" (which is what she calls herself) everytime she looked at the cake. It was worth all the planning and decorating to see her run around and have fun with her friends. I am attaching some pictures of the party! Charleigh girl, I hope you had a great birthday. As for myself, I have a few days to rest until I get started planning Grady's! What can I say...I love parties!!!

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