Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A visit with Dr. Tom

Today was Charleigh's 2 year visit and Grady's 4 month well baby visit. I am sure most kids are okay until the word SHOT comes into play, but not my two kiddos. I am positive that you heard the wailing where ever you were and I bet you thought some kid was being attacked by the boogie monster. Oh no...that is our normal behavior the minute the lady calls "Charlotte and Grady Sands."Charleigh didn't want to be weighed, measured, listened to, and most of all touched. Poor Gman doesn't have a chance watching the way his big sister acts. The bad thing about this is that Dr. Tom is Josh's college roommate and he wants nothing more than to love on Charleigh and play with her. Needless to say, we have never had a play date at Dr. Toms house. By the end of the visit, Charleigh was dressed and smiling, Grady was sleeping on the bottle, and Josh and I had made it thru our first visit with 2 of them. Most importantly, they are both healthy and growing just the way they should be!

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